Dasmer Singh

All of the apps I’ve ever written in the order of my first contribution date. These lists are split into personal apps and projects where I contributed a significant portion or all of the code 📱🖊

Apps Owned

Name Icon Description Publish Date Source Code
Daylight Daylight presents the percent of the current day that has observed at your location in order to help you maximize what you do with your day 11 March 2022 N/A
Hukamnama A simple, lightweight app to read the Daily Hukamnama from the Golden Temple for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac 26 January 2022 N/A
Steps Steps helps achieve your 10,000 steps per day goal. Add the widget to your phone’s Home Screen to reinforce your goal throughout the day 31 December 2021 N/A
Tandoor Palace Tandoor Palace is an app that enables customers to order ahead so that they can pick up their meal without waiting on line. It also gives them quick access to the restaurant’s menu and easily keep track of daily specials 08 August 2017 N/A
Paste Paste is an emoji search app to quickly search for and copy emoji and paste them anywhere else 07 January 2016 Link
RemindMe Have you ever thought to text someone for a birthday, special event, or anything else on a later date, but then forget to do it? Schedule to send a text or email at some time in the future 10 January 2014 Link
WhosUp A fun Facebook trivia game to play with friends. Sign in with Facebook and choose a deck of friends. Put your phone on your forehead and a friend from the deck will show up on your screen. Your friends will give you clues to help you guess who it is. If you get it right turn your phone face down. If you want to pass turn your phone face up. When the round is over, playback and share the hilarious video! 04 December 2013 N/A
QuickContact A quick and easy way to share your contact information. Simply fill out your information once and a QRCode is generated for you 06 November 2013 Link
BabyStamp Ever wish you knew exactly how many years, months, weeks or even days old your toddler or baby was when that super cute picture was taken? Now you can! 06 November 2013 N/A
InstaStamp Miss those old-fashioned photos with the time-stamped on the bottom corner? Take a photo or load an existing photo from your camera roll The photo will automatically generate a timestamp 14 October 2013 N/A
FindGurdwara The FindGurdwara project is a mission to consolidate a current and accurate database of the world’s Gurdwaras. Find the closest Gurdwara to your home, workplace, or next vacation destination! All data is crowdsourced! Contribute by creating Add Gurdwara Requests and Photo Requests in the iPhone app 15 August 2013 N/A

Apps Contributed to

Name Icon Description Dates Contributed Owner
CrowdHopper CrowdHopper tells you how busy places are, making crowds sizes part of your search. Whether you want to go to a bar, club, restaurant, or coffee shop, CrowdHopper has you covered with crowd data for thousands of places per city. Nov 2015 - July 2017 HotSpot Corporation
Venmo Venmo is a free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. You can easily split the bill, cab fare, or much more February 2014 - December 2015 PayPal Inc.
My App Profile Find out what your apps say about you and discover your next favorite app December 2014 Chris Maddern
SPINS.fm SPINS.fm is reinventing the radio request line using social media. The app helps artists and radio stations engage fans by making it fun and easy to request songs on local radio – still the most proven way to drive demand for shows and increase sales December 2013 David Baker
Chatwala Prototype Record and send video messages to your friends and family, then watch their reactions when they reply! August 2013 - September 2013 Tej Bhatia